Next Party Race Meet:
Spring Carnival Competition!



The concept of Party Punter come about when I came up with some betting strategies for horse
racing which I wanted to try out without having to empty my bank account. I searched for a website
that could let me try out these strategies and there was none, so plain and simple, I decided to make
So therefore Party Punter was formed to offer the public a free service whereas they can ‘fine tune’
their punting abilities on horse racing using ‘fantasy money/credits’ with the possibility of winning
prizes and compete against friends as well as the general public.
When formed in 2011, Party Punter was a totally new concept and the first of its kind. Every horse
race in Australia and New Zealand is available to bet on with Party Punter on a daily basis. Seasonal
competitions are run throughout the year, usually focusing on one race meeting per week and prizes
are awarded to the top punters.
Hope you all enjoy Party Punting as much as I do!
Richard Hosnell, Founder of Party Punter