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Glossary - Betting/Racing Terms

Are you looking for horse racing betting information and how to bet on horses? Then you have come to the right place!
The Team at Party Punter have put together a handy guide for all of the betting and racing terms you might hear. These terms are to help you understand the lingo so you can try your luck at a few different betting variations.


Bet selection that covers all combinations. (eg. Trifecta bet with runners 1, 5 & 7 boxed = combinations of 1,5,7 / 1,7,5 / 5,1,7 / 5,7,1 / 7,5,1 /7,1,5)
Synonyms: shut the gate, allways.

The positions in the starting stalls where the runners start the race from. Barrier position (1) is closest to the running rail.
Synonym: position.

Barrier Draw
The ballot held by the race club to decide which starting stall each runner will occupy.

A device to prevent a horse from having sideways vision and keep its attention to what's in front of it.

Are people who are licensed to accept bets on the result of a race based on their provision of odds to the customer.
Synonyms: book, bookie.

See Boxed.


Correct Weight
Horses are allocated a weight to carry which is checked before a race. After a race, the first five place getters weigh in, and correct weight must be signalled before bets can be paid out.

Dead Heat
When 2 or more runners finish together and cannot be separated by the judge after consulting the photo finish.

Daily Double
With the Daily Double, you select the winners of two races nominated by the TAB or betting agency.

The Duet bet requires you to correctly select two of the three placegetters in any order.

Each Way
When a horse or greyhound is backed to either win or run a place.

Even Money
The odds when you double your money. eg. for one (50 cent) unit, the dividend would be $1.

An Exacta bet requires you to select the first two runners that you think will finish first and second, in the exact finishing order.

All the runners in a race.

Statistics and comment as to the performance of a runner, useful in deciding which runner to bet on.

First Four
A First Four bet requires you to select the first four placegetters in any one race, in the exact finishing order.

A description of distance on a race track. 1 furlong = 200 metres.

Handicap Race
Where the weights carried by the horses are allocated by a handicapper to equalise their chances of winning.

The person who declares the official placings for each race.

Leg In
To nominate one runner to win with a selection of other runners. This is possible on Forecast, Quinella, Trifecta, Quartet and Superfecta (eg. Quinella bet with selection 4 to win, from runners 5, 7, 8 & 9 to come second, in any order).

Long Odds
More than 10/1. eg. A dividend of $5.50 or more.

Maiden Race
An event restricted to starters, which at the time of the nomination have not won a totalisator race.

The official distance between placed runners at finish of a race, expressed in lengths. A length is the average length of a horse - 2.4 metres. When the margins are small, the judge uses terms like Neck or Head.

Odds On
See In the Red.

When the finish of a race is so close that the judge requires the photo taken by a special camera to make his decision.
Synonyms: camera, developed print.

For a Place bet you simply pick a runner and you will win if it finishes first, second or third.
Synonyms: tiki, drum, show.

When a jockey/owner/trainer/steward alleges interference by one party against another during a race that may have affected the outcome of a race. If a protest is upheld by officials, the runner that caused the interference is placed directly after the horse interfered with. If a protest is dismissed by officials, the original result of the race stands.

A Quaddie requires you to select the winners of the four races nominated by the TAB or betting agency.

The object of a Quinella is to pick the first two past the post. It makes no difference what order they finish in.

Race Caller
The person who describes the race over the public address system at a racecourse.

A horse or greyhound that starts at long odds.

Running Double
The Running Double requires you to select the winners of any two consecutive races in the same meeting. You select the races you wish to bet on, however they must be consecutive.

A participant in a race (ie. horse or dog).
Synonym: starter.

A runner that is withdrawn from a race after being listed as an acceptor.
Shut The Gate
See Allways

The amount of money that is bet. OR The prize offered to the winner/s in a race (eg. trophy or prize money).

Standout Exacta
The Standout Exacta requires you to combine the runner you believe will Win (your standout) and two or more runners to finish second. To win, your standout runner must finish in first place with any of your other selections filling in second place.

Standout First Four
In a Standout First Four you can select the winner of a race (your standout), and three or more runners to finish second, third and fourth (in any order).

Standout Quinella
The Standout Quinella requires you to combine the runner you believe will finish first or second (your standout) and two more runners to finish in the other position. To win, your standout runner must finish in first or second place with any of your other selections filling the other places.

Starting Stalls
Mechanical gates that ensure all horses start in unison, In greyhound racing the term is starting boxes.
Synonym: barrier, gates.

Track Conditions
In order from good to bad: fast, good, dead, slow, heavy. Fast = Dry and Heavy = Wet. Most horses race best on a firm, dry track and are best suited to Fast and Good tracks, while other horses are able to plough through the mud on a wet track quite easily and are best suited to wet conditions.
Synonym: state of the track.

A trifecta bet requires you to select the first three placegetters in any one race, in the exact finishing order.
Synonym: tri.

Weight-For-Age Race
Where weights are allocated on a set scale, according to age and sex of the horses.

Simply pick the runner that you think will be first past the post at the end of the race.
Synonyms: on the nose, straight out.

Win & Place
Synonym: each way.

Winning Post
The finishing line of a race.
Synonym: the post.