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Party Punting

  • All bets must be placed before stated race time as bets are no longer accepted after the specified race time.

  • All win/place odds are fixed

  • Any bet placed that includes a scratched runner will be refunded after the race has resulted (this includes exotics)

  • To place a bet of any type, you must first create an account by selecting the Join Now tab in the top left hand corner (or left centre on the home page).

  • Only bets placed on ‘Party Race Meets’ will give you the chance of winning prizes.

  • You can track your betting history on the My Account page.

  • Account balance can be refreshed at any time by clicking on your balance which takes you to a page where you can select 'Refresh Account' (this is not available for your competition balance which is the balance in the brackets).

  • Info on how to bet can be found on the Party Punting page.